Electronic Business, often shortened to e-Business is one of the most upcoming forms of trade. A blend of information & communication technologies, this trend has hit the virtual world like a storm.

B2C (Business to Commerce)

B2C (Business to Commerce)

Proximate Technologies anticipated this rapid digitalization storm and has a standard framework to conduct this kind of business.

We believe in blending with our clients but, yes, we do bring our inimitable touch to your processes by designing applications with optimal architecture. We apply the most suitable technology, deploy the most effective software development models and test applications in automated and manual processes. AG Technologies is not wired to simply build and wrap up; we keep the bond alive by ensuring successful installation and continuous maintenance of these systems. Our team is extensively trained in every aspect of Project Management and Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

B2C Portals allow companies to deploy customer, consumer or community Internet sites to provide a centralized full-service starting point that can eventually be customized.

B2C Portals provide the means of selling products and services to customers through shop front metaphors and provide opportunities for providing value-added relationships with customers through eCRM Solutions.

B2B Portals provide a full range of web services, including applications and e-commerce support for a customized, integrated e-business hub.

B2C Portals provide wide customer base to business institutions. They provide vast database, which may help to market the products directly to the targeted consumers. B2B & B2C Portals are beneficial for manufacturers, wholesellers, retailers & customers also. Development of Portals is based on information, requirment & need of particular business field.