Reduce Expenditure & Loss Ratios

We are experienced in the Insurance Business Process Outsourcing. We facilitate and support lucrative & efficient business processes across the insurance lifecycle such as Property & Casualty (P&C), Life, Annuities, & Reinsurance.

Insurance BPO

Insurance BPO

We Provide:

Property & Casualty (P&C) Life Annuities Reinsurance

Our faith in the client reinforces our commitment and dedication towards creating superior processes and trendsetting changes. We continue to provide sustained savings throughout the relationship through transformation initiatives and technology-led solutions.

Proximate Technologies delivers industry and practical solutions for global insurance players. These solutions impact activities across the insurance value chain and help carriers optimize expenditure and loss ratios, bring their core business in lime light thus elevating the top-line revenue.

Our Insurance practice delivers incremental value by combining technology with excellence. Our insurance platform is designed to enable clients to migrate to a variable cost structure for better dexterity and business development.