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We, at Proximate Technologies believe that a rapid growth can be achieved only with smart delegation. We know that you, our clients, are the experts of your trade and encourage you..

Transforming Outsourcing

Transforming Outsourcing

Why Outsource Business Processes?

Reduces expenditure Reduces additional responsibility of hiring, managing and training employees Initiates Business Development as employees and systems are available on demand Regulatory and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance Provides access to state-of-art technology minus the additional expenditure

Proximate Technologies provides unsurpassed Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to clients.

Flexibility being our key virtue, the sole purpose of Proximate Technologies is to blend in the client’s preferred engagement model and adapt their software development methodology. We are aware that our clients are unique and come with their set of philosophies, goals, values and technological styles. This understanding leads us to work in a highly productive environment, an outcome of trust and co-ordination.

We add the human touch to your business. Our process resources are equipped to work in multiple domains and around the clock. We promise the best.